Instructor Interview: Julie Clarke

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our WellFit Studio Manager and instructor, Julie!

Julie Clarke

Diploma in Professional pilates &
BA(Hons) Fine Art

How long have you been teaching?
I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years

In 1 word, how would you describe your teaching style?
Fun and invigorating!

Guilty Pleasure?
70% Lindt Dark Chocolate is definitely my weak spot!

Favourite thing to do in your time off?
I have an Honours Degree in Fine Art so I try and immerse myself in painting whenever I have a spare moment. Cooking is also a great hobby of mine. There’s no recipe I won’t try!

What interested you to start a career as a Pilates instructor?
booty-julieI have taught group exercise classes for over 20 years and seen fads come and go from Aerobics, to Zumba to combat, all of which involve high impact moves. Pilates on the other hand has a gentler more successful approach to health and fitness. Finding the precise movement of Pilates, paying attention to the use of muscle groups that we so often forget about; the ones that effect our every day lives (our posture, alignment and core strength) made me realise you can work very hard in a safe and healthy way.

How has Pilates helped you or changed your lifestyle?
As an instructor it is very important to practice what you preach. On top of my daily instruction, I try to squeeze in at least 3 sessions a week of my own to keep my repertoire and fitness levels up to scratch! Pilates has made me understand that what you do with your body now effects greatly how it will respond to you later in life. I try to incorporate a number of Pilates exercises into my life every day to keep my body moving, fluid, aligned and strong. I know if I don’t decompress my spine, stretch out my sides and breathe well, my neck tightens, my back becomes stiff and my posture spirals downward along with my breathing. I always feel so much better even if I only do 10 minutes.foam-roller

What classes do you teach?
I teach in in the [PilatesInt] studio, Privates, duets and group classes and also do initial consultations. In WellFit I teach Cardio Reformer, Pilates matwork, Booty Barre and Buff Bones (starting this October).

What’s the most outrageous thing that’s happened during one of your classes?
I guess recently that would be on St Patricks day this year, playing Irish music, doing an Irish jig or two in between exercises while wearing silly green hats and green feather boas. We had so much fun while drinking Irish coffee – without the cream or the Irish – I guess it was just coffee then! Maybe it wasn’t so outrageous but it was certainly a great evening.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a Pilates instructor?
Working with clients who have issues and seeing them make improvements with every session. Watching them grow in strength and confidence is deeply satisfying.

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