Client Interview!

Don’t just take our word for it! checkout some of the things one of our most regular clients Minoosh has to say!

Meet  Minoosh!
Minoosh joined WellFit in May 2016 and hasn’t looked back.  She’s so hooked she’s even enrolled to do her Certificate in Matwork through Pilates International Training Centre.
We asked Minoosh a few questions about her Pilates experience:
1. Why did you start doing Pilates
I wanted to get fit and I also I had neck and shoulder pain. I heard Pilates is good for tension release and help you to get correct posture so I started attending Pilates classes casually but after sessions I joined Wellfit studio as a permanent member.
2. How did you find out about Wellfit Studio
3. How often do you attend classes and which ones do you go to mostly
At least 2-3 work out a week. I usually go to PilatesFit, PostureFit and general matwork classes.
4. What is your favourite exercise or sequence
Pelvis curls with arms above your head; it does wonders for my spine.
5. What do you believe Pilates has done for you 
I feel more relaxed since I started doing Pilates beside the pain I had in my neck and shoulder has alleviated significantly. Moreover, I feel great about my body with more confidence as I am much fitter than before.