Meet the team. We’re healthy, WellFit and wise.

Our team of staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but we also have a few things in common: impressive qualifications, vast experience and a passion for health and wellness. When you join us for a class at WellFit, you know you’re in safe hands. We all have years of experience behind us and know how to take the very best care of your body – as well as getting the best out of you, too!

Our Team Members

Carla Berry

Apprentice: Certificate in Pilates Matwork Instruction (10537NAT)
Administrator PilatesInt Studio Pymble

Carla arrived in Australia in 2012 and loved our beautiful weather and beaches so much she decided she wanted to stay forever. Carla’s previous careers were in both hospitality and aged care, and one day she wold love to study nursing.

Looking for a new challenge, Carla joined our team at the Pymble studio, and is the bright and cheery face that greets everyone on arrival, and manages the day to day operations and administration of both Pymble studios. Carla has just completed the PilatesITC Certificate in Matwork and is teaching classes in the WellFit Studio at Pymble.

Says Carla: “Since discovering Pilates, I love how much more aware I am of my body. I am learning new things every day!”

Judit Bilinszki

Pilates Studio and Mat Certification (Polestar), B.SC Economics (Accounting), Vinyasa Flow Yoga (RYS200) Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

Judit has a wealth of knowledge and experience in exercise and movement. After leaving her previous career as an accountant, Judit discovered Pilates when she tried a reformer class in Dubai in 2011. Falling in love with Pilates straight away Judit decided to pursue a career as a Pilates Instructor so she could fulfil her desire to help people move efficiently and restore the equilibrium in their body.

Judit has also completed studies in Sports massage therapy, Vinyasa Yoga, fitness and personal training which she practised in her native Budapest for more than ten years. Lucky for us a decision by Judit and her family to relocate to Australia saw her continue her studies in Pilates, first with Polestar and now with PilatesITC. Judit completed the Studio and mat series with Polestar and is currently upgrading to a Diploma with PilatesITC.

Judit is very versatile and works at all three Sydney studios when needed, but her main base is Hunters Hill and Pymble studios and WellFit Studio where you can join in one of Judit’s revitalising yoga classes. Judit has also trained specifically in Pre natal Yoga and Kids Yoga.

Kellee Blamey

Certificate IV in Fitness ( Master trainer)
Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction ( 91491NSW) with PilatesITC

Kellee is passionate about helping people reach their optimal health through the wealth of exercise and movement techniques she has explored.

Nearly ten years ago Kellee started working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, focusing on weight loss using strength and conditioning. Later, she qualified to teach Mat Pilates, Pump and Cycle, teaching up to 25 classes a week in clubs throughout Sydney. Soon after, she completed chi-ball training, which is a fusion of Chinese medicine, Yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais. Most recently, Kelley qualified to teach Booty Barre. Kellee has been successfully running ‘Café Pilates’, her signature mat work classes, around the North Shore for a number of years and her classes have a huge following. Kellee is always keen to expand her knowledge for the benefit of her clients and is passionate about helping people reach optimum health through movement.

We are delighted that Kellee gained her professional Pilates qualification through PilatesITC and to have Kellee as part of our studio team at PilatesInt Pymble as well as WellFit Studio.

Katharine Bennett

BClinExScSc. Exercise Physiology, UNSW AEP;  MNutr &Diet, University of Sydney APD, AN.
CertificateIV in Pilates Matwork Instruction (91492NSW)

Along with her formal qualifications, Kate is accredited with both the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA). She has spent most of her working career in regional and rural Queensland in a busy private practice working primarily in chronic disease management and weight loss. Kate believes that to achieve optimal health you can’t only look at one aspect (e.g. diet alone), but instead take a whole lifestyle approach, which encourages positive and sustainable behavioral change in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and other lifestyle factors (such as stress management and sleeping habits). One style or program does not fit all, so Kate works with each individual to set clear goals and tailor all advice specific to their individual needs.

Kate is teaching a variety of classes in the WellFit studio including pre and post natal, PilatesFit and PostureFit as well as establishing her Nutrition and Dietetics practice with us. Kate is also available for WellFit exercise assessments for rehabilitation and special conditions as well dietary and nutrition advice. Kate is currently upgrading to a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction ( 91491NSW) with PilatesITC

Find out more about Kate’s services or contact her directly: 0426 245 774

Antonia Dearden

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT)

Originally from New Zealand, Antonia completed a BA in Psychology and then spent over 15 years working for two of Australia’s leading fashion designers, lastly as a Sales Director for Camilla and Marc which, although she enjoyed immensely, was very challenging.

After this, Antonia started on a new career: raising a family and the changes and challenges that this brings, which inspired Antonia to rekindle her old love of Pilates by undertaking classes at Wellfit Studio. Antonia could see another career change on the horizon and quickly decided to enrol in the Diploma Pilates with PilatesITC. This also helped to put her love of sensical movement into action once again. Antonia has a love of dance from previous years of ballet and contemporary dance and loves to promote a flowing class which is both fun and challenging.

Antonia teaches in both the WellFit Studio and PilatesInt Studio at Pymble as well as stepping up to help with the day to day operations of WellFit taking charge of scheduling, social media, classes and just making sure all of our lovely clients are happy!

Erin Jones

Apprentice: Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT)
Manager Studio Style Active & Manager Pilates Temps

Erin Jones joined the PilatesINT team after 10 years in hospitality and event management and completed the Certificate in Matwork Instruction (91491NSW) followed by the Buff Bones Certification course. Erin’s Pilates passion is now in full swing and she is focusing on completing the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT) with PilatesITC. Erin also brings a new dimension to all aspects of the PilatesINT family and now combines her management expertise with her love of fashion and Pilates all together in her role as the PilatesInt Manager of Retail. Running the Studio Style Active online and in-centre store. Erin also still finds time to organise our studio and WellFit events and handle day to day operations where needed.

Besides her role as chief buyer, events co-ordinator, handling social media and marketing for WellFit Studio, Erin is also a director of Pilates Temps and often will utilise her instructor skills for temp covers.

Megan Lee

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT)

Megan is one of our newest PilatesITC Diploma graduates, having been a client at our Hunters Hill studio for 7 years prior to undertaking the Diploma. Megan first discovered Pilates in 2003 after having her first child. She was looking for a way to get back in shape and to challenge herself.

Being a primary school teacher for 23 years, Megan decided to combine her passion for teaching and Pilates together and enrol in the accredited Diploma course. You will mostly find Megan teaching Reformer classes on Saturday mornings in our WellFit Studio or working out at Hunters Hill. We are super happy to have her on board!

Claire Marston

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491NSW)

Claire, like many people, discovered Pilates after having her first child. Whilst always having a passion for fitness, she couldn’t believe how physically demanding giving birth and having a small child was! Tired of back and neck pain and lacking the confidence and motivation to visit a gym Claire tried Mat based Pilates and has been hooked ever since.

Loving the feeling of balance, strength and energy that a good Mat class can give Claire decided to follow her passion and become a Pilates Mat teacher. The family relocating to Australia delayed this plan. Thankfully she soon discovered Pilates International and the Studio work and immediately applied for the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. Claire loves the progression of Pilates and the strength and transformation of the body that it can bring. Enjoying and believing it is a privilege to be able to witness this in the people that she teaches.

Claire enjoys teaching both matwork and studio sessions and can be found at both Pymble and Hunters Hill Studios for studio classes. Claire has a particular passion for running and is keen to teach Pilates for Runners in the new WellFit Studio.

Moira Mitchell

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT)
Administrator PilatesInt Studio Hunters Hill

Moira joined our wonderful team at PilatesInt and WellFit Studio in June 2015 mid way through her Diploma with PilatesITC.

Discovering Pilates because of a back injury, she was told to, “go see a physio to get it fixed and then do Pilates so it doesn’t happen again” – best advice ever! That was in 2008 and Pilates has been a part of her life ever since. Seeing how her instructors enjoyed their jobs, inspired their clients and had such an energy of positivity,  Moira was inspired to start her own journey of Pilates instruction. She says: “I love this career as it is ever-evolving and I am constantly learning. Supportive and enthusiastic people surround me every day and I truly love my job.”

You will find Moira at our Hunters Hill studio in reception looking after client bookings, regularly teaching at Hunters Hill and Pymble as well as popping up in Well Fit and Broadway studios.

Mana Ogawa

– Certificate in Matwork (Pilates ITC). Currently doing the Diploma in Pilates teaching.
– Certificate in Dance Performance (New Zealand school of dance classical ballet)
– Certificate IV in dance (Sydney Dance Company PPY)

Mana is a Certificate in Matwork instructor currently completing her Diploma at Pilates ITC in Pymble.After graduating from The Conlan College in Sydney, she moved to Wellington to study classical ballet at the New Zealand School of dance where she performed in various roles, such as Polka Girl in Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Solitaire.

In 2015, Mana was accepted into the Sydney Dance Company PPY where she had the opportunity to work with many international artists as well as understudying Sydney Dance Company for their piece Reign, choreographed by Daniel Riley.

Upon graduation she was offered to work with Australian choreographer Lisa Maris McDonnell for her full length work Five Kinds of Paradise, which was performed at the Casula Powerhouse Museum in January 2016.

Mana was forced into taking time off her professional dancing career after injury to her cervical spine, which resulted in loss of strength on her right side of the body. Commencing her rehabilitation with Lisa Peresan and experiencing the benefits and importance of Pilates, Mana became even more passionate about teaching Pilates and hopes to help and educate others about prevention and rehabilitation to maintain a pain – free lifestyle.

She has an in-depth understanding of musculature and biomechanics and is able to identify needs of each client. She has a very positive attitude and is very passionate about what she does.

Mana has also previously worked in retail at the Alice McCall boutique and is a dance teacher at the Roseville Ballet and Performing arts.

Lisa Peresan

Cert IV Dance Tuition, Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training, Advanced Diploma of The Pilates Method (91490NSW), Level 4 PAA Member

Lisa has had a life long involvement and passion for movement. Her life’s motto is ” use it or lose it!” Lisa was originally classically trained in the Royal Academy of dancing syllabus and started her career as a professional dancer in the commercial genre at the age of 18, working in a musical in Spain. Her work as a dancer kept her traveling for 7 years in Europe and Asia and included work on television, musicals, Chesse Rijst Contemporary Dance Company and at the Lido in Paris.

Lisa first became involved with Pilates in the early 90’s when she returned to Australia and became an instructor working at the Body Control Studio for Alan Menezes. It was during this time that she saw the enormous benefits of regular pilates practice and instructed pilates to people like Paul Mercurio. She also taught dance at the new major dance centres including Sydney Dance Company studios, Aboriginal Dance Theatre, Sydney University and Bodenweissers and was involved in writing the jazz syllabus for the Australian Dance Assessment program. Lisa started her own dance school on the Northern beaches in 1994 and decided to devote her time to the school and her two young children. She started practicing Pilates again in 2003 to help with chronic back problems. In 2005 she applied for and won a scholarship to become a Certificate IV Pilates instructor with Pilates International.

Lisa is passionate about Pilates and the benefits it brings with regular practice. She is interested in working with people from all walks of life but has personal experience as a post partum mum, and in working with dancers. Lisa believes you can always improve in what you do and can be found at the Pymble studio.

Mary Pondif

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT), Cert IV Fitness (PT), Diploma Tourism (Operations Management)
Co-Administrator PilatesInt Studio Pymble

After working in various administration and operational roles in retail, banking, travel and book publishing, Mary grew increasingly tired and restless of sitting all day long in front of a computer. Eventually she was unable to ignore the feeling of stiffness, slouching and fatigue engulfing her body. The highlight of her day became the dash before or after work to catch a Pilates class here and there. The benefits were immediate, which increased her desire to live a more active lifestyle and encourage others to do so as well. Throwing all caution and reason to the wind, Mary enrolled to do the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. She feels fortunate to have worked as an administrator first and now teaching at the PilatesInt and WellFit studios, putting her new skills into practice, as well as assisting clients in gaining freedom and joy in movement.

In addition to her Pilates and other qualifications Mary is also a Certified Barre Attack instructor, qualified Buff Bones Instructor, and teaches classes in WellFit Studio at Pymble also.

WellFit Pilates Floor class, Pymble