Pricing Subject to change. Effective from Feb 1st 2017.

Standard Pricing

WellFit Mat Casual $25

WellFit Reformer Casual $30

Pilates Playground: Reformer $35

Pilates Playground: School Play $20 

WellFit 10 Pack (not valid for studio) $225

10 Packs are valid on any WellFit Class excluding Pilates Playground

Introductory Pricing

14 day Intro Pass $70

– first reformer class must be a Beginner Reformer class. It is at the instructor’s discretion when a client can progress from beginner to reformer 1.
– new WellFit clients only

Health & safety Screening

We want to make sure your experience with us is everything you wanted – and more! That’s why we request to screen members before they participate in our classes; for health and safety reasons. If you have an injury or condition, this must be declared on your client information sheet. If you have injuries/back pain/heart problems/pregnancy, you will need to have an Initial Consultation with a PilatesInt instructor next door, or resident exercise physiologist or physiotherapist to ensure that classes are suited to you. One of our staff will advise you on this matter.

New clients may be required to start at a beginner’s level within some WellFit programs [unless screened by a PilatesInt Instructor who has granted clearance for a more progressive class]